Thursday, June 16, 2005

Colony Grill....The best pizza ever


I did not realize how hungry and tired I was until a few minutes ago. Came back from work and was planning to make some chicken enchiladas for dinner, but I felt so tired that I could just lay down and sleep. S just called to say he is almost leaving from their after office party, but he said that an hour ago too..Anyway I called Colony Grill and ordered my favorite...for those who do not know the place, this is no fancy grill restauraunt, it is a pizza place.They have a limited number of toppings and their pizzas come in only one size. If you decide to have pizza at the place, the serve their pizza on ugly looking trays and paper plates. Go figure how this place is packed at all times and so damn popular. It is all in the pizza.So, as I was saying I ordered a pizza with onion and stingers( hot peppers) and my stomach is rumbling in anticipation. When I was looking up the phone no: for the place, I found this review.

S is going to pick the pizza on his way home. We are #97 and the pizza will take another half an hour. And I think I will get a picture of the pizza when I get it. This is a pizza you will crave for the rest of your life and maybe even the one after!

This post was originally written on June 6th, the pizza was devoured with much fervour and the pictures were in the camera till today and hence the delayed post.
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