Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ocean 211

I am going to Florida for 5 days and before I left, I decided I couldn't leave without writing about the restaurant we were in this weekend. As usual we couldn't decide on where to go. But reading this review helped me make the decision. We had once gone to Ocean 211 before, but we had to wait 30min to be seated as we did not make any reservations and as were too hungry to wait we went to another nearby place.
But this time we did the right thing, we made reservations. We were promptly seated..We chose to sit downstairs as there was music playing. The way they serve wine is in decanters, which adds interest to the whole set up. We had raw oysters, 2 from East Coast and 2 from west. I couldn't tell the difference in the two owing to my lack of experience with oysters. For appetizer, we had the most delicious crab cake I had ever eaten. Then for the entrees I had Dover Sole which was classically prepared, filleted tableside, finished with a fresh lemon caper butter, served with asparagus. Satish had a fish that I had not heard of which was excellent too..What I liked best about this restaurant was that the dishes are not huge, they are all small portions. Sometimes seeing big portions of food makes me not hungry anymore. For dessert we had espresso as we had to go to the movies afterwards. I was so impressed that I had already placed this restaurant way up in my favorite list. The prices are expensive but totally worth it!