Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dinner for a lazy couple

Although I was off from work, I did not do anything all day. But by the time Satish had come home from work, I had found out a salad and sandwich recipe that I wanted to make and also made an ingredient list. I have developed a habit of cooking only after S gets home. But today he had a headache, and so after popping a couple of Aleve tablets and watching some TV, we headed to the grocery store, but enroute we decided we were too tired to cook. Now, where to go? Definitely not Chinese today. We were in the mood for some Italian and so we went to an Italian restaurant called 'Sienna'.
It is a small cute place on summer street in Stamford. There were only 4 tables occupied.We were quickly seated and a very friendly host gave us enough time to decide on the menu. I ordered some Chianti and S had some Cab. We decided to have braised octopus for appetizer. The octopus was our choice as we had never tried before. S was a little hesitant about the octopus, but I persuaded him to try it. It was served with a little too sour greens,but overall it was an okay dish. For the main dish, I had the monk fish served with a spicy tomato sauce and served along with spinach and mashed potatoes. It was definitely a great dish. I never had monk fish before and it had a nice appealing texture to it. S had baby chicken which he thoroughly enjoyed. He offered me some, but for some reason, I never share from the other plate, I am content with enjoying what is on my plate.
For dessert, we had some biscotti( I have to mention that they were free) and finished it off with some espresso. I was very impressed by this restaurant and I convinced S to leave a generous tip . What was supposed to be a run to the grocery store left us quite a few bucks poorer than what we had planned for, but as far as I am concerned, it was a well worth experience and that is what life is all about, finding joy and time to do things you like, and then have the opportunity to write about it. This was a good day in the life of a food buff!