Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dinner at Spazzio

Today was not a good day at work, and I believe that is reason enough to eat out. So we did.Another reason I like to eat out is that I always manage to bring home leftovers which I transform to lunch after a long day spend sleeping on my day off....So this evening, we went to Spazzio...the neighbourhood restaurant that never got my attention, but S had always wanted to go there. Though not often, today I decided to go with what he suggested and we entered the Spazzio.

For some unknown reason, I was prejudiced against the Spazzio. First of all, it is located next to a boat supplies shop which is not very inviting, atleast for me.We had once, long time ago ordered some clam pizza...That is when I learnt seafood is best left off the pizza field, better save it for pasta. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance of the restaurant.It was very well lit, maybe even a little too bright that some spots on the dinnerware showed. Aside from that, the tile floors and wall paintings captured the essence of Italy as best as it could. It was an effort worth appreciating.

The appetizer was a small platter of antipasto. The 'small' was actually a misnomer, because it was really good for atleast 3. Anyway, it was delicious.
I don't even the name of the dish I had, it was what the waitress suggested, chicken cutlets with hot cherry peppers and I thought it almost tasted Indian. Anyway S had the trout which he cleared completely off the plate.

The desserts were a total rip off, though. We ordered cheesecake and we were brought the tiniest piece of cheesecake ever cut , on an enormously large plate with tons of zigzags of chocolate syrup. Honstly, I would have appreciated a slightly larger piece
on a slightly smaller plate.

But overall, it was very relaxing and just what I needed after an especially bad day at work. So, I learnt a lesson never to judge a restaurant just by its outer looks.