Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Is the fish stinking?

Attention sushi and fish lovers! Someone send me an article from Slate today about the 'real' the health benefits of eating fish.After reading this article, I certainly couldnot let it go without posting about it in my blog. I have always considered fish a healthy option and when some one says that "well, that might not be the case anymore", I am definitely not excited about it.
I love sushi and all fish. I grew up eating fish as part of our daily diet-fried fish, fish in curry sauce, fish in coconut sauce, fish with grated coconut, fish roasted in banana leaves and the list is endless..And when the doctor informed S that he had high cholesterol, we started religiously adding fish to our diet. As a matter of fact, S has tuna salad for lunch almost everyday. This article was a shock to him too...So, I guess the moral of the story is out there..No food is bad for you in moderation. All those who gave up on meat and got hooked on to fish for their hearts have been fooled..So, I think instead of giving up on good food, we might have to start incorporating all of God's given food into the days of our lives!
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