Friday, March 18, 2005

Mastering the pound cake

When I got the call on Wednesday night to bring something in for St.Patricks's day, I was lost! I did not want to buy anything from the store and there was no time to research recipes, and I definitely could not bring beer to work,especially with the inspection team that was in house. So, to end the crisis, my husband suggested that I take the pound cake that I had so painstakingly made during the day. When I say painstakingly people laugh and they go,"well, how can you mess up a pound cake". Maybe that is true, but this is one of the cakes that I have not messed up and I really like to think I did a good job with the baking.
I have had horrible experiences with baking. Deeply motivated after cooking shows or reading cookbooks, I have tried to bake many a cake. But the problem was that I would inadvertantly pick the most complex looking cake to bake..That is when I found the book Essentials of Baking by Williams-Sonoma. What a great book with a section on basic techniques and equipment which is very helpful. I again made the mistake of trying the most complex cake in the book with results that you can imagine. And so I though I will read the basic techniques and said" If you are new to cake baking, butter cakes, such as pound cake, are an excellent place to start". So I did and it worked..I made the perfect pound cake.
I have also made the pizza dough using their recipe and we had a pizza party. I didn't know about the indian pizza then, or we could have tried that too...but I am sure we will be having more pizza parties.

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