Monday, March 14, 2005

Dining Indian Style

This weekend, thankfully we (me & S) were off from work. I spend the morning finishing my classwork and he had gone with a friend looking for a car. So, when we finally saw each other I was in the mood to cook something but he insisted we go out. I wanted Indian and he wanted Sushi...finally we decided on Indian food. These days I have a tendency to look up restaurant reviews before going anywhere, much to S's annoyance. Anyway there were some good reviews about a couple of the nearby restaurants and finally I chanced upon this site. So we finally gave up on Dakshin which was our first pick and decided to take the slightly longer ride to Bombay Bar and Grill in Westport.
This place is so well hid in the corner of a shopping strip that you might easily miss it but when we went inside, it looked like quite a few had found it. In fact,there were hardly any Indians at the place. The now infamous Martha Stewart had made the place quite famous by featuring the place in one of her episodes.
We were greeted quite cheerfully and we were taken to our seats. This is a good size restaurant and had a nice decor too...and I felt the seating was quite comfortable. I made sure I took the seat from where I could see all the action. We were served water and the menus. And that was it for atleast the next 20 min..We had decided to time everything as we were quite familiar with the delay in the service in Indian restaurants. Everybody else was snacking on papads and dips and my mouth was watering. There was a tray of these in the next table where nobody was seated and I kept telling S that they had misplaced it and I would have taken it if he had not given me those 'looks'. Finally we managed to catch the eye of one of the numerous servers hurrying by and was promptly given the tray of papads that was on the next table. I was fuming by now...Then somebody took our order..The guy at the bar looked like he knew his stuff and I ordered a mangotini...I was served this with the mangotini spilling from the glass and dripping over the servers hands and it wasn't as I had expected at all...So that is lesson no:1 for all of you...Always order wine or beer at the Indian eateries. You can't screw those up.
The menu was quite interesting too with bits and pieces of information about India and I ordered the halibut with green sauce and S ordered shrimp in a red creamy curry sauce.
The food was served and I forgot all my grumblings...It was to die for. I enjoyed it tremendously. Oops..I forgot to mention the masala dosa we had, which was exceptional too...I was all happy by the end of it...And I strongly believe it is the food that is the success of this restaurant.
There was a funny bit too.. The lady next to us ordered 'Martha Stewart Chicken'...It is actually the chicken malai kebob or so I believe. Anyway the server corrected her promptly..See what I mean when I said Martha made the place famous. Everything went back to normal again ..i mean went back to being slow again..Nobody cared if we wanted desserts...We asked if we could have some south Indian style coffee and then the long wait for the cheque. I guess they want us to enjoy the restaurant experience as much as we can....
So...if I have any suggestions to the restaurant it would be...
1. Get rid of that long ties that looks like it is gonna fall into the food soon..
2.Ask what they want to drink as soon as the diners sit down.
3.Have one single waiter serve a table.
I don't mean to trash Indian hospitality...I know it is excellent...I just want the restaurant experience to be truly magical as the food!