Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A different take on mattar paneer

There have been innumerable posts about mattar paneer. VK of My Dhabha, Jen of Atabela and Tony of Anthony's Kitchen had blogged about it. And I was determined to make it soon, just that I was not as enthusiastic about making paneer. I didnt have the cheesecloth to drain the paneer or for that matter I couldnt even find any piece of cloth that would fit the bill. So on my regular shopping day at the grocery store my eyes fell on Tofu. It would serve as paneer..it is white, kind of soft and so I decided to try mattar tofu. Then comes the difficult decision..there were I think three different kinds of tofu-firm, extrafirm and I think the other was soft. The description on the firm type said that it was perfect for stir frying and I thought that would do. So the container of tofu left the store with me.

I felt that same exhilaration when I attempted my mutton biryani...the same feeling of confidence flowed through me and I finally did it...I made mattar tofu. Did I like it? I loved it but Satish wasnt that excited...he wasnt sure of the silky texture of tofu and how it didnt have the same bite as paneer. I tried it with rice and also rotis and it went will with both.

The recipe was an adaptation of VKs.
I left half of the tofu unfried just to see how it would taste different. I liked them both ways!