Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The day we did the unthinkable.....

Recently, we did a very daring act. We made a 7 course dinner. Although it seemed very daunting it turned out fine and definitely was worth the effort. The occasion was the wedding anniversary of our dear friends who are food freaks like we are. So what better gift than a homemade dinner. I did not manage to get photos of all the dishes as we thought of the pictures halfway through the dinner and then was too lazy to take pictures and spoil the mood. But these are the pictures that we managed to click.
So here is the menu

Crab and corn dumplings with dipping sauce
This was an original recipe inspired by a dish we had at a Japanese restaurant.

Second course
Mini wonton shells filled with lemon zest and chicken salad

Third course
Crab and mushroom chowder

Fourth course
Shitake and mushroom- hazelnut salad

Fifth course
Lime and basil sorbet

Roasted rack of lamb with rice pilaf and roasted vegetables

Chocolate pots de crème

( The pots de creme can be seen in the background in the white ramekin )

Hope to post the recipes sometime soon....