Sunday, December 04, 2005

'Least popular recipe' turns out to be the favorite in our house

I was browsing through some blogs when I stumbled upon this post. Dont be misled by the post's heading, it is one great recipe! Anchovies are among the favorite things in our house. One of S's best recipes is his coconut anchovy chutney. He is in heaven when he is enjoying these little darlings. Anyway so when I saw anchovy mentioned in the recipe I was excited, and although S doesnt like cauliflower I thought this dish was worth giving it a try. Now what to serve this with?
We had leftover Pita bread from an Arabian meal we had the previous day and so I combined it with a raita and was a wholesome dinner. It was so good and S declared," This is my only favorite way of eating cauliflower and we should make this again". Now I would call that is an enthusiastic response. We finished the whole dish in one sitting.

This is a breeze to put of dishes to wash was one (the serving dish)and the mini food processor where I blended the anchovies.Everything else gets cooked in the oven and is quite healthy too. Just olive oil, salt and pepper. No fattening agents here..Throw the cauliflower in the oven and u can forget about it for an hour. The bread crumbs go very well with the roasted cauliflower.
I did not have fresh lemon juice in hand and I substituted vinegar. I am sure the lemon juice would have been definitely much better but I didnot have it and the cold deterred me from venturing outside. It was still delicious, I can only imagine how much better it would have been with fresh lime juice.