Monday, November 21, 2005

Biriyani....this one rocked my world!

OK.. is it biryani or biriyani? I dont know the right way to spell it..and I dont long as it tastes good. And the one I made this time was so good that I have decided to add it to the blog. It was the first time I ever made mutton biryani, and my friend for whom I made it liked it so much that she reminds me everyday to post it..and so here it is.
This is how this saga began...My old classmate is visiting me and there is nothing fancy to eat in the house. I pull out a packet of what I think is shrimp and I find out that it is not shrimp but a bag of australian mutton. OK...hmm...we have to call our friend in Manchester anyway and her husband is a professional chef and so we asked him how to make mutton biryani...(biryani is a meal in itself and doesnot need 10 other sidedishes to make it fancy and that is what makes it so appealing to me..)

So the phone conversation went something like this..

"Hi there..(tons of gosssip) you think S could give us the biryani recipe?"

"Can it wait? He is busy..he says he will send the recipe later"...

"Not really....we need it now"!

"Uh...Hmmm...OK.".So he speaks in the middle of his work and she repeats it to us and quick notes are scribbled.. was basically a technique that was conveyed to us and not exact measurements, but hey, I have made biryani before and I kind of felt confident.We felt so confident that we were taking pictures during the cooking which I usually never do...Okay..long story was a masterpiece! So divine! I cant seem to get it off my mind...I am hoping that he emails me the recipe so that I can post it here...It almost tasted like it was made by a professional. Made me look real good in the eyes of my friend, heh?

So u want a peek at it..