Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sharing the bounty

This is a collection of vegetables brought back home after a visit to the house of a very dear relative.
Almost every Keralite living in America and owning a house has a kitchen garden. And the list of plants growing in the kitchen garden is very predictable. They are peppers, eggplant, ladys finger or okra, pavakkai, snakegourd,payar and tomatoes.The pavakkai and snakegourd hanging from well made support systems is a sight that will take you right back home.So if you have a few friends and family nearby then you do not need to worry about buying these vegetables from the grocery store, as long as you make a point to visit at regular intervals. Sometimes you get so much stuff that your freezer is full of frozen veggies,waiting to be used at a later date.

This post has been lying in the can for a while, and thanks to a friendly reminder, I am back to blogging.