Friday, August 05, 2005

An aphrodisiac menu

I was quite bored this morning and was just browsing through the TV channels when this show on food network attracted me and the show was on aphrodisiacs. The show was pretty good and as a result I decided to recreate some of the stuff at home.

So when S came back from work, we started on a hunt for oysters. The two local grocery stores did not have any oysters, nor did Trader Joes. And then out of the blue S remembered a fish store he has seen somewhere along the way, and so we went in search of the store. It was quite near to our place and I finally spotted the neon sign saying'Fresh Fish' and lo and behold there were oysters in the store. They were $ 8 per dozen and we bought half a dozen and headed home all excited to try out the recipe.
Cleaning the oysters were no piece of cake... I could not open a single one. We did not have any oyster knifes or such special equipment for opening those but our regular kitchen knifes did not let us down and S was able to open them after some effort.
So finally the oysters were freed and now they were ready for me. We chugged down two of them raw with some hot sauce and lemon juice and then I followed to cook the rest of them. The recipe can be found here
The recipe was a perfect way to use some of the white truffle oil I had in my pantry.
This was a very delightful dish and whether it worked as an aphrodisiac, I will leave it to your imagination.

And by the way check this out.It is quite interesting..